Asphalt Patching in Duluth and Superior and Beyond

We just finished a pretty good sized asphalt patch in Superior at Landmark Lanes on Broadway Avenue. Most of the parking lot was in decent shape but the heavily traveled center was in need of help as you can see. A total overlay was not needed and the owners saved a lot of money by having us place a patch on the bad part of the parking lot.

duluth superior asphalt patching, parking lot repair

Here is the before picture of the worst part of the parking lot.

Here is the patch we layed out. Again this is significant savings on parking lot repair. We look forward to a chance to see how we can band aid your asphalt investment to help you keep your lot looking good and safe. Adding a sealcoating job to the other parts of the lot can give the lot a brand new look.

Asphalt patching, Duluth parking lot repair

New asphalt patch in Superior, Wi. Since 1989 we have helped our customers save money and keep their parking lots and driewasy looking good.

For asphalt patching in Duluth and Superior and beyond, since 1989 we guarantee satisfaction for all of our work.

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