Duluth and Superior Sealcoating for 2013

Another season is upon us and we are going to try to post more samples of our work. For nearly 25 years we have been performing asphalt maintenance, sealcoating, patching, pothole repair and paving in Duluth and Superior. And we put our name on the line with every asphalt project.

Sealcoating Duluth sample

Nearly 25 Years of Experience But we love this May 2013 Project

This photo is from a May 2013 residential sealcoating job we finished. This is a newer driveway and it came out great. For new blacktop the asphalt industry recommends you sealcoat after one year. We suggest a double coat that year, which can last up to five years.

So here we are again, in 2013 helping the Twin Ports and surrounding areas with asphalt sealcoating, paving and maintenance. We still have our customer satisfaction guarantee, and we will add more and more samples like this of our quality sealcoating and asphalt repair and renewal work.

Thank you as always.

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Repairing Potholes in Duluth and Superior Region

Early Spring is one of our busiest times for pothole repair in Duluth and Superior. Obviously the fluctuating temeratures of our Winters combined with moisture from snow, rain and frost create a predictable pattern of parking lot and driveway destruction.

The repair process to be done right is something we are proud of. With over 20 years of repairing potholes our customers are confident in our ability to fix their driveways and parking lots.

We also work with our customers to keep potholes from forming in the first place. Cracks are the portal to a pothole so sealing cracks is very important. For pothole repair in Duluth and Superior and beyond or for a consultation or estimate, please feel free to call us. All of our services are satisfaction guaranteed.


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2013 Approaches for Asphalt Maintenance

Hard to believe we are nearly in March and a new sealcoating and asphalt and blacktop season is not far away.   After a tough Winter Duluth and Superior area parking lots and driveways have taken abuse.  Our pothole repair season starts in May depending on weather so let us know your situation as quickly as possible so we can be ready to fix it.

For 2013 of course our satisfaction guaranteed philosophy always is in place.  We are also using more and more environmentally friendly assets. But we always believe that saving old asphalt is better than making new asphalt. We also always recycle the asphalt we cut out or don’t use.

For a free estimate or consultation for sealcoating and asphalt repair, please join the hundreds of our customers in calling us first.  As we are pavers second and savers first you may find what many have found in the past, that for Twin Ports Sealcoating and asphalt work, we are a great help.

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Basketball and Tennis Court Repair

Asphalt basketball and tennis courts face the same elements as driveways. We have worked n tennis courts and basketball courts around the Duluth area for over twenty years.

Basketball court crack filling, overlays and patching can rejuventate a court and save a city or hotel a lot of money over new paving.

Line striping of courts is also part of our services. Players and users of courts demand that the striping is accurate and will last. Our professional line striping is the icing on the cake for any outdoor tennis court and basketball repair project.

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Also Serving Brule, Lake Nebagamon, Wi area Asphalt Sealcoating Services

Serving Lake Nebagamon Area for Asphalt Sealcoating Since 1989

Photo of our Ad

Based in Superior, Wi we gladly serve the asphalt needs of Lake Nebagamon and Brule area with our same great service and price.

Since 1989 we have served cabins and all season homeowners in the Brule and Lake Nebagamon area with satisfaction guaranteed sealcoating, driveway and parking lot repair services. We can provide virtual estimates using the latest technology or for larger jobs we gladly can go on site.

We are in the Brule and Lake Nebagamon area often throughout the year. If you would like some samples or references from jobs we have done in the area, please simply let us know. From commercial parking lots to driveways no company in the Northland can beat us price and quality.

Remember, asphalt maintenance is asset protection. Let us help you keep your Lake Nebagamon and Brule area home or business looking as beautiful as the area itself. Call us today, we love working here.

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Parking Lot Speed Bump Installation

We install parking lot speed bumps of all types. Often Duluth, MN area businesses need to slow down traffic in their parking lots. This is especially the case near entrances.

A-1 Asphalt of Duluth and Superior has been installing a variety different types of parking lot speed bumps for businesses since 1989. We can custom make and also install pre-built speed bumps. The speed bump installation and design process is about an entire parking lot traffic flow schematic. We gladly work with you, or with your design plans to create a safe and well striped parking lot complete with speed bumps to protect your customers.

Speed Bumps for the Twin Ports

There are many types of speed bumps, this is a pre-made rubber speed bump. Call us to find the right speed bump, and proper striping for you.

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Duluth and Superior Asphalt Repair and Sealcoating Saving Your Asphalt

Our speciality is repair and long term maintenance of parking lots and asphalt. We also provide quality paving services with our same satisfaction guarantees, but we try to save existing asphalt first.

These are very difficult economic times for many. Saving your driveway and parking lot via maintenance and prevention like sealcoating and crack filling is a must do. For some a project that looks unsaveable can be brought back to decent life.

“We’ve added years onto the life of asphalt in the Twin Ports area. Often we get a call for blacktopping and we save the customers a lot of money by saving their parking lot or driveway.

“We say, before you call the pavers, call us, the savers.”

This has long been a unique difference from our company. Many firms also do paving but they view your parking lot or driveway project through the eyes of paving only. We view you driveway and parking lot as an significant investment. If the existing asphalt is still sound, but looking haggard you will be amazed at how we can save your asphalt. It’s worth an estimate anyway.

My name and reputation goes into all of our work. Life long Twin Ports Resident and A-1 Asphalt owner Jon Hetzel as a lad of Superior.

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Parking Lot Cleaning for Duluth and Superior

We offer parking lot cleaning services for the Duluth and Superior area. A dirty parking lot can actually shorten the life of asphalt. Not to the degree an improperly sealed or crack filled parking lot will deteriorate, but, nevertheless, a clean parking lot is a happy parking lot.

Feel free to give us a call or send an email, and we can give you a free estimate on a one time cleaning or long term contract. As for all of our asphalt paving, sealcoating, and asphalt repair your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Duluth Flooding Asphalt Repair

Duluth and Superior’s recent horrible flooding has done major damage to parking lots and driveway’s asphalt. Our hearts go out to people who have suffered extensive damage to their homes. Certainly as a life long citizen of the Northland, we’ve never seen anything like this.

Photo of huge rain cloud

A monster Cloud Makes its way to Duluth and Superior to wreak havoc on homes and driveways and parking lots.

We caution area residents to be on guard for companies that may come into the area to offer driveway or parking lot repair. Use local contractors that have been in our area for a long time, especially in times of a disaster that we are facing.

For free estimates on repairing your driveway or parking lot give us a call. With over twenty years of experience we’ve seen and fixed most tough repair situations, but thankfully not to the degree that some are facing. As always, we provide an honest estimate and free advice on what is your best course of action. Duluth and Superior’s flooding we hope was a one time event. To get your home back to normal at a fair price we are standing by.

Small cracks in asphalt quickly turned into massive potholes for Duluth and Superior businesses during the flooding.

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Dick Tracy Discusses Reputable Sealcoating and Asphalt Companies

Dick Tracy one of America’s longest running comic strips had a blurb on honest sealcoating and asphalt companies. While the cartoon refers to all the trades, we found it funny and appropriate that they would use a sealcoating company as a sample.

Photo of Dick Tracy Comic warning of Blacktop Sealer

Dick Tracy even suggests, "Use an asphalt company that is established in the area. We think over 20 years is established!

Fortunately in Duluth and Superior, most of our asphalt competitors are honest firms. The quality of our work differs, but most have intentions of being in business for a long time. But often a fly by night company will come into the Northland. Asphalt repair, paving and sealcoating is not only expensive, it’s important for the long term preservation of your asphalt. Leaving a repair, paving or sealcoating job to an unknown company is risky.

When it comes to price, we are always competitive and often can come in with the best price. But there are tricks that companies can use to make their margins. That’s not a path A-1 Asphalt has taken for over 20 years of business in Duluth and Superior and Northern Wisconsin and Minnesota. If you want to maintain your asphalt investment, work with a company that uses the best product and has the experience to maximize your maintenance efforts. We are standing by.

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